Lotto Stadio Primato K FG


The Lotto Stadio Primato K FG Soccer Shoe features a soft and durable K-leather upper and a PU outsole featuring Puntoflex technology for comfort and performance.

  • Upper: Soft, water repellent Kangaroo leather for durability and excellent in-boot feel.
  • Insole: EVA Insole.
  • Outsole: New better gripping PU with 12 fixed studs. Stitched for added durability. Includes Puntoflex technology and a Shock-Off heel insert for cushioning.
  • Lotto's exclusive Puntoflex technology, positioned crosswise on the outsole at the metatarsal zone level, allows the correct flexion of the foot.
  • Profile Designed for use on firm, natural surfaces.
  • Imported.

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